Henry is back! He had some Real Life to take care of, but hes back, we’re back, and see you in 2 weeks!


I’ve never worked retail, but I’ve definitely experienced this in the Service industry.  Anyone else been pressured to give all of the stuff a foodserver can give?  You usually can’t give anything from behind the line, the chefs want tickets, but many appetizers, desserts, drinks, milkshakes.  The people who pressure the worst? Fellow employees are off-duty who “know” that even the restaurant manager uses those things as “freebies” to smooth things over with and/or smooze guests.

How long until Mel loses her job? Depends on how cunning you think Ethan is.  Cunning friends will push you right to the edge, but not far enough to make you lose your job, after all, they don’t want to ruin their free stuff cow.