So my laptop died.

That sucks.

Apparently, when the copper wire from the power cord is exposed (from wrapping it around the adapter 5 times a day) and you have to set it just right to get power to the laptop, something is wrong.

Here I thought I was better than the laptop and I could just not move the cord and I wouldn’t have to send it off to Tech Support for weeks. Well, that worked out for a couple weeks…until today…

So there I was, just enjoying my Spring Break, watching TV when I said to myself “Self,” I said, “Why don’t I bring the laptop in here and get on the internet, after all, the cord has survived this long, it must not have problems anymore.”

(Like I said, this was Spring Break, my brain doesn’t function correctly on vacation.)

Anyway, so I bring the laptop into the family room and proceed to hook it up. All went well, it just took a bit of wiggling to get the juice flowing from the wall to the laptop, and I was off! That is, until the power stopped flowing and the comp shut off.

This obviously wasn’t supposed to happen, so I went down to the cord to investigate further. Then, in my infinite wisdom, I made the mistake of grabbing the cord at the part after the exposed part that wasn’t working.



After my finger stopped tingling, I looked at it without touching it, and realized that the plastic around the cord had melted about 8 inches past the broken part and now my laptop had no power.


So now I am stuck with a laptop that needs to be sent in to tech support so they can replace the cord and the battery (I should add that Toshiba Tech Support has a policy of wiping the hard disk of every computer they get, even if they just need to replace the cord) that has not been backed-up in god knows how long and contains everything important to me (e-mail, comic stuff, D&D stuff, high scores, etc.).


Luckily, I managed to get the cord working again (at the risk of burning down my house) for 10 minutes so I could hop on the network and back everything important up. But that’s not the point. The point is, if you have a problem, get it fixed soon so you don’t burn your house down or at least shock yourself real bad.

Wait, that’s not the moral…ah screw it, I have a comic to write…

So long!


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