[Ed: If you want actual news, scroll down to the P.P.S. and read that.]

Well, I was gonna complain about how this week has sucked for me because of all this damned school and the lack of “creative juices,” but then I read Jason’s rant, so I guess I’ll just shut my mouth and go back to whatever it is I am supposed to do around here.

So instead, I will now give you all a little sample of my beautiful singing voice.

*John runs in waving his arms*
“Now we won’t be having any of that around here!”

Fine, then I’ll have to just sit here and encourage you all to check out the boards and post something cool (I get really bored here at home, so go on and give me something to read and respond to :-).

So I guess that’s it, I think my shortest rant ever…I would blame Jason, but he might get all emotional about it…okay, that comment was totally uncalled for and had no basis in reality, so, once again, I’m gonna go away…for real this time…I’m going…bye…


P.S. Remember to post stuff on the boards! They’re positively buzzing with activity nowadays, so go and join them!

P.P.S Oh yeah! I remember now that I had real news! We are having a contest around here to rename what used to be the PORCTYMNCA. It is now called COOL STUFF, but we can’t think of what it stands for! So go on the boards (thread: Cool Stuff) and post your entry! We will give it one more week (next Friday!) to get your entries in, then we’ll pick a winner and they’ll get…something cool! Either an original comic drawing thingy or a t-shirt! (Cuz we’re gonna have t-shirts soon!)

Well, I have some bad news…

Ok, its not so bad for you necessarily, but its still bad. I got canned. Well, laid-off really. There were some budget cutbacks, and seeing as how I am the only employee, heh, you can figure that one out I think 🙂

What does this mean to you? Hopefully nothing. I might have more time to draw for a little while, but eventually I’m going to get a new job, and I don’t know what kind of hours its going to have and that may throw everything into turmoil. Since I’m vehemently opposed to hunting turms for their oil, it is my hope that I can get things straightened out and scheduled in such a manner as to not suck too terribly much…

My boss is giving all kinds of leeway to find a new job, so I suppose it could be worse…

Anyway, bear with me through this and I’ll try to maintain the same (or better) quality that you’ve come to expect from Dungeons & Dorks. I mean, come on! Two weeks straight of color comics?! Thats not bad so far! 🙂