I know I’ve mentioned it before, but school is hard. Damn this IB Program!

Today I spent 4 hours after school (after all of the crappy standardized testing we did all day and will continue to do through Thursday) doing these lame directing projects for my IB Theatre Arts class. We had to sit there for 20 minutes and talk into this tape recorder about how we would direct some bizarre play so that they can send it off to England where some really weird and smart theatre people can sit around and write about how crappy it is and tell you how poorly you did and remind you that you’re a moron for wasting 52 bucks on some stupid test that nobody cares about anyway!

Whew, that felt good. Anyway, I really did spend 4 hours there because I was 5th in the list to record mine (which was nice cuz it gave me some time to actually do it ;-), but then after waiting 3 hours, I finally got in there, did half of mine, and found out that the tape fscked up and didn’t record any of it (it actually had this horrible squeak over all of my talking), so I had to re-record it. Then, 7 minutes into the other tape, it starts doing it, so then I had to do it all again. At least that time it all worked, but by that time it was 4:00, John (my ride home) had left, and there were about 5 people who still had to do theirs before 6.


And you know what makes this all really cool? This is only one of 7 tests I will take between now and this time next year…

So that was my day, how was yours?


Sorry about the problems lately, my connection keeps getting crappier and crappier. If you guys feel like it you should find Bill Gates and beat the crap out of ’em (I use MSN btw, in case that didn’t just give it away.) Hopefully, we’ll get a day ahead in the comics so I can just upload at school and we’ll have color all day every day, like we’re s’posed to.

OK, on to the real ranting. Let’s talk movies, more specificaly this new “Jason X.” I was wondering when they were going to come out with a new Jason movie after they came out with H2O (now I’m wondering if they’re gonna’ come out with a new Nightmare on Elm Street.) At first, I thought it sounded lame and wanted nothing to do about it. But, I really like remakes and revivals, and this neatly fitting into revival category, I couldn’t help but to be interested.

Another aspect that caught my eye was the fact that it doesn’t look like all the other Jason movies. In this it looks less like a horror movie and more like a suspense/action movie. There seems to be a lot less creeping around and more confrontation.

Another cool looking thing is the techno look they’ve given it in all their commercials and promos. Jason walking through the station while heavy metal is playing in the background is freaking cool looking. That also brings up another element, the fact that it’s four hundred years in the future and on a space station. It’s definitely a different element and a little hard to take in without thinking it’s a lame setting. Of course they’ve still got the teen element and I’m sure there’ll be at least one sex scene in which both participants die but hey, it’s a Jason movie… In the commercial the fat guy mentioned something about Jason just wanting his machete, now that is really confusign and I’m wondering what exactly it’s supposed to mean (is Jason really angry because they have his machete? I sure hope not… that would be a bad plot element indeed.)

So all in all I think it’ll be a good movie, obviously something more for the horror fans who don’t really like a plot but crave excitement. Since this is most likely the last Jason movie it’ll probably tie up all the loose ends and answer all those unanswered questions like “Why the hell’s he killing everybody?”. I probably won’t see it in theatres but when it’s out on the Superstation I’ll be sure to check it out :-p OK, maybe I’ll go see it but only if someone else is conveniantly going and take me along… that’s it, see ya’.

-‘Color Guy Ry’