So I played D&D on Tuesday.

Maybe I should explain why this is such a special event…

All of us guys here (namely, Shirt Guy John and Color Guy Ry) can’t seem to play regulary because we all have crappy schedules that never work with each others. So we decided to just play one big monster session every now and then when we could to make up for it. This led us to play for 8 hours on Tuesday. We decided to try to go through as much of the Sunless Citadel prefab campaign by WotC we could since I had already DMed it and only one person playing had gone through it (and he did a good job of not revealing what was coming up).

So we all met at my house at like 8 o’clock in the morning (all, that is, except for Ry who seems to think that sleep is more important than gaming 😉 and got set up. Since I have no more laptop, I had to haul my big ol’ desktop computer to the kitchen table to be able to use DM’s Familiar (review coming soon, I promise).

After we were all set, I threw a lame opener at them (I wasn’t too worried about story since we were there to kill stuff) and we were off. After a brief stay in town for some info, they gallantly headed into the depths of the citadel…and promptly got their butts kicked by a couple dire rats. It was truly sad, I think Ry was in the negatives before anybody else even got there.

(Note: Their party consisted of a Druid (John) who had two apes, a rogue (Ry), and a Barbarian (some Indian guy named Vivek). Yeah, I know it sucks, so do they.)

So after they recovered they tried it again. This time they got a couple rooms in when Ry got jumped by a couple of skeletons. He got in the negatives on that one too. It was about now that they realized they sucked, but Ry told them it would be okay as long as he stayed in the lead.


They fought about 13 encounters total, and I don’t think Ry was conscious for the end of more than 3 of them.

So they got their butts kicked a lot and they rested between about every 2 encounters. About 7 hours into the session (including some time for pizza, waiting for Ry to show up, and all the breaks we had to take because John drank about 2.5 litres of soda) they reached the final encounter of the first of two levels of the Citadel. This is where it got fun. There were 3 hobgoblins, 4 goblins, the goblin king, his cleric, and a twig blight (really crappy creatures made for this adventure) versus this crappy party of 3 lame adventurers and their two monkeys. Needless to say, I kicked their butts…bad. Normally I don’t like to kill my players too much, but when Ry rushed in and took a pot shot at the king, I couldn’t help but surround him with everything I had and beat him mercilessly. *sadistic DM grin*

So we had a good time, even though they all died. I am not sure what we are gonna do next time, but it will probably include a much better party and trying that last fight again.

Take care everybody, and remember, never lead with your rogue!

Happy spelunking!

Color Commentary:

Yellow, everyone in Internet land!

I red ‘Color Guy’s rants and decided to white one because, even if it blue, Im sure you’d appreciate it. I don’t want to sound like a maroon, but it looks like if I don’t keep these comics on schedule, you purple are going to get violet! But with ecru like these guys, Im sure they’ll make up for whatever I black and this comic will come out on taupe.

So, to pink up where I left off, Im writing this to tell you that I really enjoy working with these guys, and hope you enjoy the comic. If you have any constructive crit… er, suggestions, please feel free to post on the message boards. I love to hear what you like, but be nice! You don’t want to make me cry. I am an artist after all! 🙂

So anyway, enjoy the comic, and I hope to hear from you in the fuscia!