Wow, two days in a row I get to speak my peace. I’m sure this won’t be normal though.

Well, first some bad news. I have yet to find a way to migrate messages from the old board to the new forum board. Differences in boards. Fortunately there weren’t a ton of messages on there.

Second, my room mate and I are looking for Role-Players in the Las Vegas, NV area (preferablely south/west side) that would be interested in joining our weekend gaming sessions. A post has been placed on the message board.

We picked up the Wheel of Time books the other day. I love the books and the world but after reading though the handbook I was a little disappointed to find out that the channelers are about half the power as normal casters in D&D. They also added defense ratings and reputation ratings (like those found in the Star Wars D20 game). I’m going to DM a group through Prophecies of the Dragon Campaign and see how it goes. Should be interestings.

~ Site Smith Scott ~

Hey everyone!

I had a great weekend, I went camping up in the mountains and had a great time (I’ll be doing that more and more often as we get closer to summer).

So, we had that contest thing to name the new COOL STUFF section, and the winner was picked and it is


Ria! With her entry of: “Corny Or Offbeat Literature, Sketches, & Tons of Unbelievably Fantastic Files.” Isn’t that awesome?! Yeah, we thought so too…

So we’ll send he something cool shortly, and of course, you all get to see her winning enry every time you check the COOL STUFF page.

So, as some of you’ve heard, we’ve moved our boards to EZ Boards. Mainly because we wanted to be able to customize the look of it. So head on over to the new boards and sign up!

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoy the comic for today, and remember to hit the previous button to check out Ry’s attempt at a weekend strip!