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Aha! A comic! This ought to do… sorry about the delay…

So I saw Star Wars Episode II yesterday, I’d rant about it but it wasn’t very good…

YEAH RIGHT!!! It kicked so much ass! Btw, before I get into this I best warn you guys not to read today’s rant unless you’ve seen the movie. OK, now that all the losers have left we can get down to the good stuff.

As you may have noticed, this episode had a lot more dialogue and storyline than episode I. This time George Lucas didn’t seem to make such a media exploitation, of course, with episode I it was the first Star Wars movie in about 20 years, I also expect the same amount if not more media publicity with episode III due to it being the last installment of the Star Wars saga. This one was sort of a bridge between the major action movies, kind of handling all the storyline this time
so they can get as much action in the next one as possible.

One of the coolest things about this movie is that we got to see all the “background Jedi” in action. My favorite is the alian one with black marble type eyes with horns coming out the top of his head and it looks like he has a breathing apparatus over his mouth, this is because he was one of the five featured Jedi in “Jedi Power Battles” and the guy I’d always use, also because he uses a yellow light saber. Mace Windoo was pretty cool too though he didn’t do all that much, but Samuel L. Jackson did play the part really well. Then of couse, is YODA! Yoda was probably the coolest character in this movie (and only episode II) even cooler than Jengo Fett (I’ll talk about him later) When Yoda came hobbling into the room after Anakin and Obi Wan had gotten their butts kicked the whole audiance cheered, clapping and everything, it was creepy in a Star Wars geek sorta’ way but it was also cool to see how much Yoda is loved. Then, when he busts out with his lightsaber, now THAT was freakin’ awsome! Who knew Yoda could still kick so much tail, that was probably the coolest lightsaber battle out of all the movies, even the one with Darth Maul. Which reminds me, Tyrranus (played by Christopher Lee, the same guy that played Saruman in The Lord of the Rings) had a weird lightsaber, it’s crooked at the bottom like a sort of walking cane for some reason, I guess it just has to do with personal Jedi preference and stuff.

Now on to the Fetts. First off I didn’t really like that Bobba Fett was a cloned son instead of a natural son. Jengo Fett was cool but he’s nothing compared to Bobba Fett. Jengo was clever but not like Bobba, Bobba always seemed to be on top of things and was always one step ahead of his bounty.
Jengo was out smarted by Obi Wan and made the continual mistake of trying to kill a Jedi with a blaster. This of course led to his ultimate destruction in his pathetic attempt to kill Windoo. It
was pretty sad when he jetted down and got trampled by that big beast thing, though it was pretty sweet when he killed it with one good shot, fully demonstrating the Fett talent. But of course, Mace ends all his woes by decapitating him, and the scene where Bobba picks up the helmet points towards some rather emotional foreshadowing eh?

The clone army was pretty cool, they were kinda’ like storm troopers but working for the good guys. The whole battle at the end was pretty cool too, with all the techno machines fighting against them in an awsome, mostly CG sequenced battle of explosions and lasers. Which also reminds me, the special effects in this movie rocked, most of the CG images looked almost totally real, they better win an
Emmy, Academy award, grammy or something, I don’t remember Star Wars ever winning an award before though, I don’t know if I just forgot… that’s kinda’ odd… Well that’s all for this rant, but be sure to check out my section of the forum for a discussion about Star Wars between all the people
who’ve seen episode II thus far, see ya’ later!

-Color Guy Ry